• We are four passionate entrepreneurs coming from different backgrounds. Located in Paris, Bordeaux, and Bayonne.

    Our paths crossed in 2016 on the benches of École 42. United by the passion for coding and the same work philosophy, we evolved together for 3 years.

    Our paths separated for several years to follow different professional journeys while sharing our knowledge.

    The desire to undertake a common project brings us together again: from comrades to partners, 210blocks was born.

  • Who are we ?

    Who are we ?

    • 210blocks


      Background as a software developer and devops in cybersecurity.

      Computer lover since childhood.

    • 210blocks


      After experiences in Freelance, she joined the company Free as a Full stack developer.

      Outstanding football and poker player.

    • 210blocks


      After two years as a freelancer in a web design studio, Arthur was able to create numerous web sites and applications.

      When it's not on the web, he surfs the ocean.

    • 210blocks


      Fullstack JS developer in small companies, he started freelancing and collaborates with Winamax, Voggt, Accor and the Tours tourist office.

      The official weeb of the team.

  • Our strengths

    Our strengths

    We offer high-performance web solutions tailored to your needs, thanks to our flexibility and availability, with great attention to detail. Our transparent collaborative approach ensures an optimal experience for our clients.

    • Performance

    • Adaptability

    • Availability and flexibility

    • Attention to detail

    • Collaboration

    • Transparency

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  • Our stack

    Our stack

    We adapt our technological stack to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring optimal performance, impeccable stability, and maximum SEO visibility with customized web solutions.

    • Front
      • Typescript
      • React
      • vuejs sans texte
      • Next.js
      • gatsby sans texte
    • Back
      • GraphQL
      • Typescript
      • Node.js
      • Nestjs sans texte
      • golang
    • Database
      • SQL
      • NoSQL
    • Tools
      • teraforme sans texte
      • docker sans texte